To Blog or Not to Blog that IS the Question!

So this week is opening week of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I’ve been tired all week…too tired to do anything really. I’ve done some usual things this week.

On Monday, I made purple satin pantaloons and did the dishes. At rehearsal that night, I filled in for one of the actresses who thought she’d take it literally and break her leg. It’s not broken thank God because I don’t want her role! (I could do it if I had to, but it’s an opium selling prostitute…like I said, I don’t want the role.)

Tuesday, I got up so as to do something worthwhile only to fall asleep while reading my Bible. I was reading Leviticus so can you blame me? I then slept until almost eleven. I decided that I should wear a wig in the play because my hair is so short, so I spent the afternoon styling one. When Kreg got home he remarked how there was a body-less woman on the front porch…I had forgotten that I stuck the wig head on the broom so the wig could dry in the sun. Imagine if I had had guests!

Wednesday I finished Leviticus…do you know how many silver trays were given for the Tabernacle? (12) Dry book that one! Though Numbers which I started isn’t much better…do you know how many men twenty year old or older who were able to serve in the army who were from the tribe of Dan? (62,700) I made the bed because Kreg says it makes him feel loved when I do. It seems like a such a strange thing to make someone feel he’s loved. I should do it everyday since I love him everyday, but then it might become less special to him. At least that’s what I tell myself when I don’t make the bed! I also went out and raked some leaves. I broke the rake, so now I don’t have to rake the leaves anymore! Before rehearsal I worked some more on the set. I’m decorating Cloisterham High Street. So far, I’ve created Nell’s dress and hat shop and Miss Havisham’s bakery (wedding cakes are half off!). Miss Flite’s Fanciful Flowers is almost done with a large vase that looks like a pineapple with sunflowers growing out of it. I still need to paint a birdcage in her store front. Yes, Cloisterham is an interesting village having no fewer than three shops owned by characters from other Dickens’ novels.  They live there because I want them to not because they really do!  (By the way, if you’ve never read The Olde Curiosity Shop, Great Expectations or Bleak House, let me encourage you to do so. They’re marvelous!)

It’s Thursday now, and I’ve been to Berlin, Montpelier and Barre.  If you were here, I would have taken you to a fabulous consignment shop in Montpelier where I wanted to buy a coat.  Not just any coat but a shin-length fake ocelot fur coat! It looked amazing on me, and were I made of money it would now be mine!  I could just hear Kreg’s voice inside my head, “Yvonne, really?!” In Berlin, I would have taken you to see my rheumatologist where I was told that I’d lost 24 pounds in the last year…it’s really 30, because I started before I saw this doctor for the first time. But whose counting? In Barre, we would have gotten into a traffic jam before finding a delightful thrift store.

So back to the question, “To blog or not to blog?” Am I too tired to think of anything to write? Apparently not. Did anything happen that was noteworthy? Not really. But isn’t that what life is all about? Would we really want  a life of adventure and unexpected events? I doubt it.  The man changing is tire on the side of the road is a good example of why not. How lovely to have a quiet week!  OH wait!  Opening night is tomorrow! Sigh, somehow I don’t think my life is all that quiet.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 96:9


3 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog that IS the Question!

  1. rosedandrea says:

    You’ve been to all those places, done all those things, and it doesn’t count as noteworthy? You and I have very different ideas of that word. 🙂
    Plus opening night tomorrow… wow. I think I’m going to have some chocolate and a nap on your behalf.

    • vonowens says:

      lol Rose, lives are so different, aren’t they? After I blogged yesterday I went and painted a birdcage on one of the sets. The little birdies were a hit with the cast! When I’m doing theatre I feel normal. Thanks for the chocolate and the nap. I enjoyed a cuppa cocoa myself this morning, but no nap. Maybe tomorrow while I’m on library duty. I hope the kids don’t mind! -_- zzz

      • rosedandrea says:

        I’m glad your birdcage is a hit. 🙂
        Hot chocolate does wonders for helping a body calm down and feel relaxed.
        Here’s hoping you get that nap. lol

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