A Return to Contemplative Thought


I’ve just publish a blog post I wrote two years ago. I wrote it while recovering from a gallbladder infection that lead to two procedures at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire…great hospital that! Great doctor too! However, in the midst of all that activity and upheaval in 2013, I stopped writing which is unfortunate because there was a formidable amount of fodder for writing about.

Today, for example, it seems was a great day to have an animated debate with a co-worker about the historicity of Christianity and Judaism…in front of a class of ninth graders who have been studying mythology. It began with a student saying that Christianity came out of mythology. I could not leave that alone. Little did I know when I went to correct this misguided statement that the other adult in the room was an atheist.

Being able to use specific facts to back up my beliefs was very frustrating to her.  She kept going back to what horrible things had been done in the name of Christianity. Those were horrible but did not happen because people wouldn’t become Christians. They happened because some people who called themselves Christians thought they were fighting evil. Their behavior can never be justified.  She was painting all Christians with a very wide brush which is why it’s important to know what you believe and know the history of the people who did evil in the name of Christ.

She went on to say that the worst mistake in history was the creation of humans and that we all should be destroyed because of all the evil we do.  No grace, no salvation, nothing. How sad! Every human.

Her thinking was all very circular…I don’t believe there’s a God, I don’t believe Jesus was who He said He was, Christians do bad things, all religions were made up by crazy people, I just can’t believe in all that stuff…I don’t believe in God, but I pray to whoever might be out there to destroy all humans.”

One of the students was obviously from a Christian background, I felt his relief at finding out he was not alone. One student kept saying, he didn’t know what he believed.  The student who brought up the topic in the first place listened very carefully.

I might get fired for the conversation, but maybe someone might come to Christ and not go to hell…and that would be worth it.


I’ve attached some reliable sources to help you in your search. (I took the images off the internet which I hope was ok.)



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