Tiny Tree


One small tree in the heart of a forest growing by the side of the road.  It wouldn’t ever be allowed to live because it chose to grow against a guardrail.  We rescued it from the ignominy of being chopped down by the road crew.  It will never suffer the cruel fate of being shredded into wood chips.

It’s new life…for a few days is as a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  You know the ones–the ones that no one would ever choose for their special tree. The ones that end up being the last to be chosen in a schoolyard pick…only they won’t even being chosen then.

As I decorated the tiny tree, I had to fill the space where the guardrail had altered its growth. I found that the more I tried to fill up the space, the more I became aware of it. I’ve never used floral wire on my Christmas tree before, but found it to be of use on our tiny tree.

That’s the way in life, isn’t it? We do what we can, with what we have in order to fill the empty spaces in our lives. We too want the emptiness to disappear. We want to be filled.

We try everything.